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6 Ways for Caregivers to Care For Themselves

Many Americans find themselves as the primary caregiver when in-home medical care becomes prohibitive. Even being a stay-at-home parent can be exhausting, and everyone needs to recharge their batteries from time-to-time.

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on how to cope with being a caregiver to an elderly or sick family member. If you don’t take some time to de-stress occasionally, you run the risk of becoming ill yourself, and that isn’t good for either party. Here are six ways caregivers can show a little self-love…

1. Recognize Burnout

Perhaps one of the most important things to acknowledge is your own need to slow down and take a time out. Cancer.net notes that signs of stress can include constantly feeling exhausted, getting sick more than usual, losing sleep, and generally feeling irritable.

The source recommends looking for outside help in this case, including hiring a caregiver (or, if costs are too much, you can connect with family members to take on some of the burden). Even if you don’t hire a primary caregiver, you can hire part-time help for cleaning and other duties, it adds.

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