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6 Eye-Opening Facts about a Sty

You may have never heard of an eye sty (or stye), but chances are you’ve had one or will have one at some point. A sty (medical term: hordeolum) appears almost like a pimple on the eyelid, and is caused by the blockage of a gland that becomes infected. The area gets red and bumpy, causing pain and swelling that can mimic pink eye symptoms.

A sty (not to be confused with a Chalazia, a painless eyelid-area bump) can be external or internal to the eyelid, and are usually caused by a bacterial infection from the gland blockage. While they aren’t a threat to your vision, they can cause some concern and panic. They don’t usually require medical treatment as they mostly go away on their own. Here are five other things to know about a sty…


1. Wash Hands and Face Regularly

It’s always a good idea to regularly wash your hands, but rubbing your eye with dirty mitts can cause the blockage of the gland in the first place. Soap and warm water are a must when cleansing your hands.

Not only will dirty hands cause a sty, but dirty eyelids can as well. So don’t forget to wash your face with soap and water regularly, or you could be spying a sty with your little eye. Makeup residue is another cause of clogging of the glands, so make sure you get it all off each day.

Hand Washing

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