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Things To Know About a Stye: Causes and Treatments

Ever had what looks like a pimple growing on your upper or lower eyelid? What you probably experienced is actually called an eye stye (or sty), and they can actually be quite painful. However, while they often heal on their own, they are contagious but there are treatments that can help eliminate them.

Most eye styes don’t cause any interference with vision, but they can accompany other eye problems, notes AllAboutVision.com. Here are 12 common causes, symptoms, and things you can do about a stye…

1. It’s Usually a Bacterial Infection

AllAboutVision.com explains that styes are caused by staphylococcal bacteria, which is found in the nose and can easily be transferred to the eye through rubbing.

The source also explains that “pretty much everyone has this stye-causing bacteria in their body,” and it’s possible to develop a stye without being contaminated by an outside source. Just to be sure you don’t infect someone else, it’s best not to share pillowcases, washcloths or towels, it adds.

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