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Biggest Health Myths About Shingles

When you think of shingles, you probably think of roofing materials first (maybe). Unless you’ve been talking to your friends or your doctor about the “horrors” of shingles, a painful health condition caused by the varicella zoster virus – which may be laying in waiting inside you if you had the chickenpox earlier in life.

However, while shingles are a very real health threat to many people, there is a vaccine and there is some misinformation floating around about it. Let’s attempt to clear up six things about shingles, so you’re better prepared to deal with it if it rears its ugly head…

1. It’s Not Just a Disease for Older People

A lot of the marketing and media for shingles is targeted at the middle age to senior crowd, making some people believe they’re only at risk if they’re beyond a certain age. However, Prevention.com explains that while your risk increases with each passing year, “the truth is that anyone can get it.”

It explains that currently, about 50-percent of shingles cases are reported in patients aged 60-plus (which means the other 50-percent are any age under 60). “In fact, the incidence of shingles in the under-60 crowd seems to be on the rise, though no one’s fully sure why,” it adds. If you have a compromised immune system due to HIV or an immune-suppressing medication, you may be at greater risk, notes the source.

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