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10 Simple Remedies for Beating Insomnia

There are few health issues more frustrating than insomnia, or the inability to easily fall and stay asleep. It affects millions of people in the United States and appears to be a growing problem. There are a number of causes, some of which have emerged or worsened in recent years.

The good news is that there are a number of simple steps one can take to help increase the number of hours they sleep each night. Even better; many of these steps don’t require medication, meaning they can be implemented without cost or the need to visit a medical professional…

1. Stick to a Schedule

Many insomnia sufferers have one thing in common: they go to bed at a different time every night. This is a typical problem, as many of us have schedules that fluctuate based on our work and social schedules. Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on our sleep.

If possible, go to bed at the same time every night and get out of bed at the same time every morning. It doesn’t really matter what time, just make an effort to be as consistent as possible.

Goodnight Sleep

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