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Warning Signs that Your Mole May Be Cancerous

We all have a list of check-ups we do every week (the air in our car tires), month (oil changes), and year (furnace filters) to keep our personal property in good working condition. However, many people can’t say they take the same care with their bodies. Moles, for instance, should be checked every month for irregularities that might indicate a problem like skin cancer.

Here are ten things you should be looking for when you self-inspect the moles and freckles on your body…

1. Color Changes

The first sign of a potentially cancerous mole is a drastic change in color—for instance, moles that are dark, brown, grey, or inconsistent in color (i.e., black in the middle and tan, white, red, or pink) in patches or around the outside should be brought to your doctor’s attention.

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