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10 Effective Low Impact Workouts

Exercising can be brutal on your joints. And injuries, whether from exercising or not, can knock you off your exercise routine and leave you unsure how best to exercise without further inuring yourself or preventing injuries in the future. If you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, it’s worth it to incorporate or even only use low impact exercises in place of exercises that continually injure or strain muscles and joints.

Contrary to what their name might imply, low impact workouts can be just as intense and effective–or even more so– as high impact exercises. So give your joints and bones a break, and try out some of these ten effective low impact workouts…

1. Rowing

The gliding movement of a band or chain on a rowing machine, or the water resistance when you’re rowing a real boat, has a low impact on your joints but a high impact on your physical abilities. Rowing requires leg, core and arm strength, and a great deal of cardio, making it an ideal workout at a low impact level. If you buy a machine for your home or when you use one at the gym, make sure you’re doing it right–doing it wrong could hurt your back, so ask for instruction and a demonstration before you hop on and burn calories with ease.

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