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12 Health Benefits of Pilates

It’s the workout routine that’s taken the world by storm in recent years: pilates. Viewed from the outside it appears like some kind of twist on yoga, which is also designed to loosen muscles, tighten the core, and encourage improvement of mental and physical health and wellness.

From the inside, however, there’s much more to pilates than simply reflecting the benefits of yoga. For those who do pilates on a daily basis, it’s about easing pain, building bone density, and improving the functionality of key organs, particularly the heart. Overall, if done correctly pilates can be the ultimate cross-training routine and may offer athletes of all abilities an opportunity to reach their next level. That said, let’s get into the specific benefits of pilates in the following list.

1. Better Bones

In the past, fitness experts would have pointed to strength training, like lifting weights, as the key to building better, denser bones. Today, it’s hardly the only option, with pilates now offering a much different way to build bones capable of resisting injury.

That’s because pilates uses lots of resistance and weight-bearing routines to build muscle and, by extension, stronger bones. Although it may not involve heaving dumbbells or barbells over your head, pilates employs resistance in such a way that it can effectively create tension within the muscles around the bones, making both stronger and more resilient.

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