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7 Health Benefits of Dancing

They say you should dance like no one’s watching, and that’s actually good advice. Whether you’re dancing at a club, or in the shower, or you living room, there are many reasons to dance when you’re grabbed by the rhythm.

Berkeley University of California notes that dance can have many benefits for people of all ages, even for those who have nervous system diseases that can limit or complicate motor skills. So whether you prefer to tango, breakdance, or foxtrot, strap on those dancing shoes and take yourself or a partner for a spin. Here are seven reasons to dance about…


1. Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Dancing is exercise, and exercise releases endorphins that are your body’s “feel good” hormone. A relatively recent study posted on ScienceDirect notes that not only do subjects of dance movement therapy benefit by decreasing anxiety and depression, they also developed a more positive body image.

Another study from the National Centre for Biotechnology Information looked at the effects of Argentine tango dancing on depression compared to mindfulness meditation. While the study concluded that both methods reduced depression, stress levels were only significantly reduced in the dance participants.

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