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12 Health Benefits of Swimming

So, you’re not really into running — maybe you have a lower-body injury or perhaps you just don’t enjoy doing it as a physical activity — and you don’t own a bike and you aren’t playing any particularly intense sports. What’s another option for getting a cardiovascular workout that can help you burn calories and build endurance?

One very good option: swimming. Not only is it an intense and effective workout, but swimming is generally low-impact, meaning it won’t wear down the joints in your lower half — including in your ankles, knees and hips — like running will. But let’s look at some more specific reasons to add swimming to your physical exercise regimen.

1. Build Endurance

Becoming a more durable physical specimen and building your cardiovascular health requires engaging in some fairly intense physical activities on a regular basis. But many of those activities present significant challenges to certain parts of our body; for example, the way running can wear down our joints and lead to issues like shin splints.

Enter swimming, which can help you burn calories and fat and improve your heart health without putting too much pressure on your bones and joints. Many fitness experts consider it equal to running and cycling (or spinning) in terms of helping people get in shape or maintain a healthy body weight.

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