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7 Reasons Yoga is for Everybody and Every Body

I love yoga for so many reasons. For me, I see it as a way to breathe, sweat, and stretch away negativity while connecting my mind with body, and challenging my endurance and flexibility. However, the thing I love most about yoga is that it offers something for everybody.  Regardless of your flexibility, age, gender, or body shape, yoga welcomes everyone to the mat, and it offers effective ways to meet a variety of health goals (i.e., stress reduction, weight loss, improving flexibility, strength building, confidence building, and more).

Here are seven reasons why yoga is for everybody and every body…

1. There’s No So-Called “Yoga Body”

So you’re not under 40, a woman, you don’t have a drawer full of Lu-Lu Lemon yoga pants, you aren’t that flexible, and you don’t have a “yoga body”? Hold the front door! There is no such thing as a yoga body.

Try a beginner yoga class and you will soon see that yoga teachers and students are a diverse bunch, and that uniqueness is what makes yoga practice so great. Don’t let yourself miss out on the wonderful impacts of yoga (or anything else) for fear of not fitting in to a mythical stereotype.


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