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Healthy Foods You Should Eat in Moderation

Everything should be enjoyed in moderation – even healthy foods. That’s because if you consume too much of them, they’re no longer a benefit – and may even become a liability.

Whether it’s from fat content or hidden sugars, there are some negatives that can fly under the radar of the positives of certain foods. Here are 14 popular foods with health benefits that you should enjoy a bit at a time…

1. Nuts

Healthline.com explains that nuts and nut butters are a good source of protein – the building blocks of your body. In fact, it says “one small handful” of almonds contains more than 7-grams of protein and 18-grams of “healthy” fats.

However, they’re also packed with calories, meaning they could lead to weight gain if their intake is not controlled. Unless of course you’re looking to pack on some pounds, in which case a couple of handfuls per day on their own or with a meal will do.

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