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10 Fatty Foods With Mega Health Benefits

9. Almond Butter

Sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around how something fatty can be healthy for you and could help you lose weight. But there are a lot of high-fat foods that are good for you as part of a healthy, balanced diet. This is the case with almond butter, a food that is high in healthy fats and other nutritional components. Almond butter has been linked to improved bone health and energy while reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, regulating blood sugar levels, and protecting your skin.

Even just a small serving of almond butter (i.e., the amount you’d put on toast) contains many nutrients that will benefit your health, including a high dose of vitamin E. Since almonds contain fiber, you’ll also feel full for longer. This can really help people who love snacking because their hunger will be satisfied with just a small amount. When purchasing almond butter you should look for the same things you would for peanut butter. Look for natural almond butter that isn’t high in sugar or sodium and that doesn’t contain artificial ingredients and additives.

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