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What Every Woman Should Know About Her Thyroid

Thyroid problems affect millions of women in North America each year. And yet we still don’t know a lot about these kinds of problems. For most people, the thyroid largely remains a mystery, which many North Americans virtually unaware of its existence, location in the body, or its role and how it can affect our health.

In actuality, the thyroid is contained in the neck, just below the larynx in women (in front of the Adam’s apple in men) and just above the trachea. From the front of your throat, the thyroid plays a role in producing many of the hormones which directly impact how our body functions; for example, the body’s metabolism, which can dictate how much energy you have and how fast your body burns off calories and fat. For these reasons, a dysfunctional thyroid can present an individual with serious health issues, so it’s worth having a full understanding of the thyroid and all it’s capable of.

1. Thyroid Disease is Serious

Now that we’ve established how important the thyroid is in determining how and when vital hormones are released into the body, let’s take a look at once of the most critical health problems affecting this area: thyroid disease.

Generally speaking, thyroid disease results in the thyroid gland behaving in a way it should not: for example, it may release too many hormones or not enough. The result can be feeling excessively tired, gaining or losing weight (despite eating less or more to compensate). One may even find that they notice changes in the appearance of their hair, nails, or skin.

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