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The 10 Healthiest Things Women Can Do For Their Bodies

Have you ever noticed a woman, regardless of age, who lights up the room with energy as soon as she enters? You might wonder why she’s so vibrant, how she manages to glow like that, or wish you moved with such purpose, but seemingly with no effort at all.

Even though a few health factors are largely out of our control—such as genetic conditions—there are many healthy habits that you can adopt that have a direct and measurable impact on your body and mind. Here are ten healthy habits for women to embrace…

1. Be Proactive With Your Health

As women age it seems we are expected to undergo annual screenings for just about everything—cervical cancer, breast cancer, etc. However, while some screenings are definitely worth your time, women who take the time to research their health and get to know their own bodies are able to make more informed calls and decisions when it comes to health. For instance, being pro-active with self breast and mole examinations will often catch a problem early and in the interim if it arises.

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