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Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis in Women

Multiple Sclerosis, often referred to as just MS, is an autoimmune neurological condition that can impact patients in various ways – and can even be fatal due to complications in some rare cases.

While the condition is progressive, it can have varying symptoms in women compared to men – and women are more commonly diagnosed with the condition (about 4 to 1, according to ScienceDaily.com). Let’s take a look at 12 signs and symptoms of MS that are common among female patients…

1. Mood Impacts

Women’s Health talks about “cognitive and emotional problems” related to MS in women as 1-of the early markers of the disease. About 60-percent of those with an MS diagnosis also suffer from some form of emotional distress, it adds.

Mood-related symptoms include depression, irritability, mood swings, and fits of crying or even laughing, it notes. Cognitive signs include memory trouble, inability to multitask, and trouble with concentrating on a task, it explains.

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