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Things You Did NOT Expect While Expecting

So it’s happened. You’re pregnant. Congrats! Now, you enter into this majestic 9 months of your life where you glow and look adorable and everybody wants to be your friend. But wait! There’s more. You’re experiencing all these strange sudden symptoms and they can’t possibly have to do with pregnancy…can they?

Obviously, an alien has taken over your body and is messing with your entire system. Okay, so not really, but reality is, growing a baby can make you a snoring, sweating, spitting, crampy, pukey hot mess. Oh, and now that you’re preggers, you’re not allowed an entire list of over-the-counter medications to help ease your discomfort like your normal self could. So let’s go through some rather common (and a few unexpected) symptoms of pregnancy, and tips on how you can remedy them naturally…

1. Charley Horse

One of the most bizarre things that ever occurred to me during a pregnancy, was this sudden shooting cramp and pain in my calf while I slept. I went on to discover this was, in fact, a bizarre symptom of pregnancy. I had never experienced the pain or sensation before, and when I described it to my midwife, she was quick to tell me it was a “Charley Horse”.

While Charley Horse cramps can be prevented in methods of diet and hydration, in that moment of pain, you need relief. Pregnancy already steals much of your sleep, so these middle of the night cramps are no welcome visitor. The cure? Lay flat, keep your leg straight, and pull your toes towards your head. It should immediately relieve the cramp, and you can go back to the much needed sleep you need to grow a human.

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