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7 Ways to Protect your Vision

Sunsets, sandy beaches, and starry starry nights are beautiful sights to behold, but not being able to see the dials on your stove or the signs on the road are potentially bigger game changers than not being able to spot the northern star. Taking advantage of your eyes could be taking advantages from you down the road.

It is certainly possible for people who are blind or living with vision loss to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Losing your sight does mean a change in your life and rather than make changes in your life due to loss of vision, you can make changes to prevent that loss…


1. Exercise

Exercise is a lot like drinking water in that both are great and necessary for your bodys overall health. Exercise is also great for preventing a loss in vision. Your eyes have many tiny blood vessels in them and cardio workouts help pump your blood through these vessels, removing build ups of fat deposits. Removing these deposits is a good thing. Think of it like removing blockades from a busy street—cars on the road move quickly and get where they need to go smoothly.

Of course, you should check with your doctor before taking on any strenuous exercise regimes. Cardio workouts are easy enough to add to your life and dont have to be high in intensity. Some examples of cardio workouts include walking, running, and swimming.


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