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6 Pros and Cons of Napping for Adults

Most of us dream of having a quick nap at our desk during our workday, however the boss usually frowns on that kind of thing during production hours. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation says that being awake all day and then sleeping overnight may not even be our natural sleep pattern, as it doesn’t fit with sleeping patterns of most other mammals.

While naps are more commonplace among toddlers and the elderly, they may have benefits to working adults as well. The foundation says the country as a whole is becoming more sleep deprived, and that a half hour nap (on your lunch break?) can help boost alertness. Let’s look at six good and bad beliefs on napping during the day…


1. Naps Reduce Mistakes

When we get very tired, we tend to make careless mistakes, whether we’re driving, putting together a car, or writing. However, the foundation notes that NASA did a study on “sleepy military pilots” and astronauts that determined a 40-minute nap increased job performance by 34-percent and alertness by a whopping 100-percent.

The foundation also says that getting in a bit of shuteye prior to a longer drive can help prevent accidents. The same source recommends that if you’re already on the road and feeling drowsy, you should pull over to a rest area as soon as possible. Drinking caffeine and getting 20-minutes of rest while pulled over can also help.

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