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6 Health Dangers of Smartphone Overuse

Most of us have dialed into the smartphone lifestyle, meaning we can’t help but reach for the phone in our pocket when we get a text or an email. While smartphones have made our lives easier in many ways and connected us more than ever before, there are some risks involved in being glued to a screen.

Becoming a slave to your electronic device can result in mild antisocial behavior, as well as increase the risk of certain health conditions (it’s ironic, when there are so many apps out there to help us become healthier). Anyhow, here are six ways reaching for your smartphone too often can adversely affect your well-being…


1. Text Neck

This is a relatively new finding, but basically it refers to the strain you can put on your spine when tilting your head down constantly to look at your newest online messages. According to a Washington Post article, your head weighs about 12-pounds in an upright position – but that number jumps to 60-pounds when your neck is at a 60-degree angle.

This is a lot of weight for your neck and spine to bear, but you may not feel strain while you’re doing it. However, over time it can cause degeneration and even lead to surgery, according to the article. It also notes that if you don’t think 60-pounds is a big deal, imagine carrying an 8-year-old around on your neck throughout the day.

Text Neck

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