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6 Brain Training Tips for Better Body Image

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Depending on a number of factors (i.e., mood, hormones, stress levels, etc.) that image could differ greatly from one day to the next, or even from one hour to the next. When you’re feeling negative, your eyes are likely instantly drawn to the areas of your body you don’t like, or want to change, the areas that you think jiggle, the areas you’ve probably dubbed your “trouble spots” or something equally critical.

You’re not alone in the utterance of self-loathing criticisms. At one time or another, most of us have pinned our gaze on our bodies and thought, “I need to lose weight”, “I wish I were a different person”, or (gasp), “I’m disgusting”. However, it’s not your body that’s the issue, and while leading a healthier lifestyle is always a good thing, it’s your brain that’s responsible for those negatives you spy when you look in the mirror. Here’s how you can train the brain to see yourself in a more positive light…

1. Body vs. Brain

What you see is governed by your brain. And your brain presents you with an image based on two things: your mental and emotional state. You can probably guess where this is going if you’ve had a rotten day, messed up at work, and come to home to look in the mirror and judge yourself. You’re correct if you guessed you’re view is most likely gonna be jaded and unflattering.

According to Dr. Debra Luftman and Dr. Eva Ritvo, beauty and mind medics and co-authors of The Beauty Prescription – The Complete Formula For Looking And Feeling Beautiful, if your emotional and/or mental state is negative—it will translate to what you see directly in front of you.


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