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The Top 8 Health Issues Associated with Snoring

You might not consider a wee bit of snoring that detrimental to your health—even though a night of heavy snores may leave you feeling fatigued the next morning or, if you asked your spouse, he or she might attest to the fact that it’s pretty darn annoying. However, despite the more embarrassing affects of snoring, sawing logs has been linked to some serious health issues—ranging from sleep apnea to heart disease, and from depression to early death.

So if you’re guilty of snoring, you may be putting yourself at risk of one of these eight health issues…

1. Obesity

If you carry around some excess weight, particularly around the neck, you may be at risk of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that restricts breathing  for between 10 seconds to several minutes at a time, causing pauses (or apneas), infrequent breathing, and disrupted sleep. Luckily, those who lose the excess weight around the neck typically relieve the symptoms of snoring and disturbed sleep.

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