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The Top 20-Something Auto-Immune Conditions

Ah, the carefree 20s. The years marked with self-discovery, the first taste of independence, and following one’s dreams. However, this age period is also particularly prone to developing autoimmune diseases, life-long, chronic illnesses that crop up in otherwise healthy young adults in their 20s.

Here are the top auto-immune conditions for 20-somethings…

1. Crohn’s Disease

This agonizing, chronic inflammatory bowel disease (or IBD) strikes the entire digestive tract with an embarrassing and painful set of symptoms (i.e., bloating, stomach pain, loose stool, and explosive diarrhea), which indicate a flare-up. Diagnosis is common in the late teens to early 30s (targeting 20-somethings) striking suddenly with little reason and interrupting life, and then going back into remission before flaring up again throughout a lifetime.

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