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The Main Causes and Symptoms of Liver Cancer

What is Liver Cancer?

Approximately 30,600 people are diagnosed with liver cancer every year according to the American Cancer Society.

The prevalence of this cancer is due to the role the liver plays in our bodies. As the largest gland in your entire body, your liver is responsible for filtering and eliminating toxins, stockpiling vitamins and essential nutrients for energy, generating the necessary proteins for blood clotting, and producing bile for efficient digestion.

Acting as a filter, the liver can easily become cancerous—with cancer either taking root in the liver and spreading to other organs (Primary Liver Cancer)—i.e., the colon, pancreas, stomach, breasts, and lungs. Or cancer can travel from another area of the body and affecting the liver (Metastasized Cancer) as toxins are filtered through.

The average person diagnosed with liver cancer is over 60 years old. More men than women are affected.

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