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The 9 Health Benefits That Occur During Sleep

Did you know that most humans spend approximately one-third of their time sleeping?

I know, with so much to do it hardly seems productive to devote that many hours to slumber. However, before you think you’re wasting your time, there’s a lot being accomplished health-wise inside the body as it snoozes—from the minute you drift off to dreamland to the moment you rise and shine.

Here are 9 health benefits that I bet you didn’t know happen as you sleep…

1. You’re feeling very, very sleepy…

I know your brain is hardly a hypnotist. However, the brain can make you fall asleep just as affectively by releasing a natural hormone called Melatonin—minus the magic wand and sparkly top hat of course! The release of melatonin occurs right before you drift off to dreamland. However this natural hormone does far more than simply whisk you away to la-la land with a flush of feel good emotions.  Melatonin also has a proven number of health benefits, including providing a powerful flush of antioxidants to the immune system to help fight free radical damage, cancer, inflammation, and brain decline.

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