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The 10 Most Common Brain Tumors

There are approximately 23,000 new brain cancer diagnoses each year in the U.S. These brain masses develop when abnormal cancer cells accumulate in one area—in this case, the brain.  Primary brain tumors originate in the cells and tissues that make up the brain and central nervous system.

Medical science can’t pinpoint exactly what causes the develop brain tumors. However, there are common factors that make some people more susceptible than others. For instance, age puts people 65-years of age and over at a 4 times higher risk of brain tumor development. Also patients with existing genetic conditions, such as neurofibromatosis or Li-Fraumeni syndrome, and children who receive radiation treatments in the head area are more prone to tumors in adulthood.

In all, there are approximately 100 different types of brain tumors, named for the type of cell they originate from. The most common are as follows…

1. Gliomas

Approximately 30-percent of all brain tumors are glioma tumors, which originate in the brain or spine. Gliomas also make up 80-percent of all malignant brain tumors. This tumor is named glioma because it develops in the glial cells—specifically the astrocytoma, ependymoma, oligodendroglioma cells, or a combination of these. As a glioma brain tumor grows, it may cause headaches, nausea and vomiting, seizures, and vision problems if it places pressure on the optic nerve.  The treatment and removal depends on the tumors placement. For instance, depending on how close it is to the patient’s delicate brain stem, the tumor may only be partially removed to avoid brain damage.

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