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Tell Winter Psoriasis To Flake Off!

If Jack Frost isn’t already nibbling at your nose and your toes—chances are he will be soon enough. It’s winter, which means, for many of us, the season of dry, itchy, red skin has arrived! However, for the roughly 8-million people across the U.S. with psoriasis, a chronic, immune-oriented skin condition, winter is looked upon with extreme dread.

Winter takes a toll on our skin as is, but psoriasis symptoms are particularly worse when you add cold, dry temperatures with little sunlight.

Here are nine pampering tips for your psoriasis-prone skin…

1. Moisten The Air By Plugging in a Humidifier

You’re not a cactus, which is why dry air doesn’t do your skin any favors. If the air in your home feels like the humidity has been literally sucked out that’s because it has.  Plug in a trusty humidifier to add some much needed moisture to the air. I even make a point to turn mine on at night while I’m sleeping so that don’t wake up with dry, flaky, irritated skin.

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