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Studying 7 Scientific Facts About IQ

We often associate a person with how well they function mentally by their intelligence quotient (IQ) score, and there is something to it. However, IQ is more complicated than just a number, and there are different facets to intelligence (including creativity and emotional IQ) to consider in the big picture.

Having a high IQ does not guarantee any success in life, and having what is considered a mental disorder may not impact IQ at all – in fact, in some cases, those patients may score higher on IQ tests. Let’s study IQ a little closer and figure out seven things about what it’s really all about…

1. IQ Magic Number

The average IQ for humans varies depending on which source you turn to, but many experts seem to put the average in the 95 to 105 range. That means you have average intelligence – always known as “competent,” as you can keep up with the masses in terms of cognitive abilities.

According to PositiveMed.com, those with an IQ of 115 or above “can do any job without restrictions and difficulties,” and those with a marginally lower IQ “may find it stressful to perform complex jobs.” So, based on this, you don’t need an IQ of 185 to be a rocket scientist.

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