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Signs & Symptoms of Common Metastatic Cancers

Nearly all types of cancers can develop into “metastatic tumors,” which refers to cancer cells that spread to other tissues throughout the body.

Metastasis occurs when cancer cells invade nearby healthy tissues through these six methods:

  1. Circulation—via the lymphatic system and the bloodstream to other body parts.
  2. Angiogenesis—in which cancer cells reproduce into micrometastases (small tumors) to stimulate the development of fresh blood vessels and latch onto the blood supply.
  3. Proliferation—where cancer cells reproduce and form micrometastases in remote tissues.
  4. Local invasion—cancer cells penetrate neighboring healthy tissues.
  5. Arrest and extravasation—cancer cells lodge in the capillary walls and penetrate surrounding tissues.
  6. Intravasation—cancer cells penetrate the walls of nearby lymph vessels or blood vessels.

Although most cancers have the ability to spread to virtually any part of the body, these are the most common types of metastasized cancer…

1. Metastatic Breast Cancer

Main sites of metastasis: Bone, lung, brain, and liver.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the symptoms of metastatic breast cancer vary as far as type and severity depending on the site of metastasis (spreading). However, warning signs include swelling, progressive pain, vision issues, nausea, seizures, mood changes, frequent bone fractures, continual migraines, skin rash and irritation, appetite loss, weight loss, chronic fatigue, and even jaundice.


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