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7 Things Moms Need To Know About Dads For Father’s Day

Young families know the joys and pressures of raising a family. The schedule demands, financial demands, not to mention the emotional and physical and marital stresses. It’s a huge leap in life to go from caring for yourself to caring for children. Moms tend to lead this ship that sails through parenthood, but what about Dad?

Fathers aren’t competition to Mothers. They’re partners, co-captains, trusted allies. Parenting is a journey without a road map, and having a good travel buddy, is an added bonus. So this Father’s Day, what does Mom need to know on a day that’s celebrating the Dads? Here’s some insights on what he may what to see, hear, and feel that day…

1. He Wants to Feel Like Top Priority, Again

Before kids came along, it was just you and him. He got used to being cared for, doted over, cooked for, presents bought, dates out, sweet phone calls and texts. He was your focus. Then kids came, and so did kid-centered priorities. Kids need the most attention, and well, they get it.

Dads aren’t just another kid. As much as moms joke about this, they’re not. Their roles may be very different than those of a mother, but they still want to feel like top priority. So forget just giving the sleeve of golf balls, and go for something that doesn’t cost a thing: your attention. Ask him what he wants that day, or surprise him, but just let him know that despite circumstances (ahem, kids) he’s still number one in your eyes.

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