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Medical Mysteries That Will Tingle Your Spine

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for the scary and the weird to be put into the spotlight. While there are ghosts and goblins (which some may argue are real), there are also very real medical mysteries that will put a shiver down your spine.

Some of these are actual conditions, although rare, while others are more isolated cases that had doctors baffled. In the spirit of Halloween, let’s treat ourselves to 12 tales of the bizarre and unexplained…

1. The Ageless Girl

Health.com talks about a particular case involving a girl named Brooke Greenberg, who is only 30-inches tall and weighs 30-pounds. That might be normal in the case of a toddler, but Brooke is 16-years old, it adds.

The source adds that aside from her hair and nails, she hasn’t grown since the age of 4 – as if stuck in time. Doctors have tried growth hormones, but have had no success. “Researchers have been studying her DNA in search of a genetic mutation that might unlock the fountain of youth that keeps her young,” it adds.

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