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Is My Body Trying to Tell Me Something?

While I hesitate to liken the human body to a machine, your car, just like your body, hardly ever just stops working without adequate warning. It’s just up to us to recognize the subtle signs that indicate a glitch in the proper working order of things.

To help, here are nine signs and symptoms that often preclude more serious bodily health conditions…


1. Acid Indigestion

If your digestive system is out of whack, leaving you with indigestion, acid reflux, burping, gas, and painful heartburn, you could be dealing with a health issue in your digestive system (i.e., Gastritis or inadequate stomach acid) that impedes the ability properly digest denser fat- and protein-rich foods. If food is consumed too quickly, its often not given time to begin the digestive process—thus, the stomach becomes blocked with a buildup of undigested food and air with only one other path of escape: up!

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