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Fatty Liver Disease: The Most Common Symptoms

7. Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain may indicate liver disease or liver failure. You’ll experience the discomfort in the center or right upper portion of the abdomen, which may indicate internal bleeding. This may cause vomiting with tinges of blood occurs if blood vessels within the gastrointestinal tract become inflamed and rupture, and you may also notice blood in your stool. In many cases, abdominal pain will be accompanied by fluid retention in the stomach area, a condition known as ascites.

Ascites can be treated in numerous ways. First, your doctor will likely prescribe a diuretic, which is a type of drug that stimulates urination and encourages your body to rid itself of excess fluids. However, more aggressive treatments may be necessary if diuretics don’t relieve the condition. The abdominal pain associated with fatty liver disease may linger even if accompanying ascites is successfully treated, so keep a close eye on your symptoms and report them to your doctor during subsequent visits.

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