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Eyeing 13 Myths and Facts about Vision Health

Our eyes – we sometimes take them for granted, but they’re responsible for one of our most important senses. However, like any health topic, there are truths and not-so-truths floating around to consider.

For example, remember when your parents told you repeatedly that sitting too close to the television would ruin your eyes forever? Well, we need to have a closer look at that one among these 13 eye myths and facts.

1. Carrots are in Fact Good For Your Eyes

This is 1-of the ways your parents probably hounded you into eating your veggie sides, but it turns out they weren’t fibbing – well, at least not completely, confirms EveryDayHealth.com.

The source explains that carrots really are good for the peepers, but “they aren’t the only foods that boast vision superpowers.” The key is carotenoids (which were actually named as such because of first being identified in carrots), but these are also found in spinach, kale, peppers of all colors, and even egg yolk, it adds.

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