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Dispelling 9 Schizophrenia Myths and Stigmas

Schizophrenia may just be one of the most misunderstood health conditions out there. Unfortunately, it carries a remarkable stigma that can result in people fearing or even outright avoiding people dealing with the issue.

That’s why it’s important to ignore the movies and television shows and do some research about the condition. As with any condition, schizophrenia varies from person to person, which means it won’t affect two people in the same way. Here are nine of the most prominent myths about schizophrenia…

Myth 1: Schizophrenics are Lazy

Some people with serious mental health conditions like schizophrenia do struggle to complete the kinds of tasks that make living independently possible. However, this misconception could be said of just about anyone with a serious condition affecting their mental or physical health.

In reality, schizophrenia has little effect on a person’s drive to be successful in their personal or professional lives. According to this article published in The Atlantic, the right treatment, it can be hard to tell the difference between a schizophrenic and someone who has no link to the condition.


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