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Digest These 7 Health Conditions Linked to Celiac Disease

Going gluten-free has become a trendy thing for many people, however if you have Celiac disease, you already know you can’t consume gluten from certain grains without paying the price. However, while Celiac disease is unpleasant on its own, it is often associated with other health problems – because it’s an autoimmune disorder, you’re more prone to other autoimmune problems.

Certain conditions may arise that become an indicator of the disease if it hasn’t yet been diagnosed. It’s important to recognize the symptoms of the disease so you can manage your diet and avoid potentially damaging your digestive system. Here are seven health problems that are related to Celiac disease…

1. Osteoporosis

WebMD says that damage to your small intestine means certain essential minerals and vitamins can’t be absorbed, which can lead to a host of problems. One of them is lack of calcium that causes osteoporosis, which makes your bones more brittle, notes the source.

A related problem from lack of calcium due to poor absorption is osteopenia, which is low bone density. The source explains this problem is “a midpoint between having healthy bones and having osteoporosis” which can progress to osteoporosis if it’s not properly addressed.

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