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Learn These 7 Tips to Mentally Prepare Kids for Back to School

The signs are already up in the major department stores, even though it’s still early August. There’s no way for kids to get around it; whether it’s in a mall or on television, the message is clear: you’re going back to school soon.

Some children look forward look forward to the prospect of heading back to class after a long summer to see their friends. However, for some kids, this can be a source of anxiety, especially if it’s their first time going to school. Here are seven ways to prepare your little ones (and you) for the coming school season…

1. Re-establish Routines

Being successful at school means being able to get proper rest, and that might also mean sleep routines might be adjusted from the summer schedule. WebMD suggests using the last few weeks of blissful summer to get into a “school day rhythm”.

That means your child should get up in time for school, even though the school year hasn’t started yet. You can also get them into the habit of eating a proper breakfast, which is important for mental and physical functions throughout the day, adds the source. Make lunchtime at home match the time they’ll be munching lunch between classes.

Breakfast Drinks

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