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Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease: 7 Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

While this disease is considered mild, at least by the Mayo Clinic, it doesn’t make it pleasant. The contagious condition is common in children (especially when they’re regularly in a social setting like a daycare), adds the source, and is most commonly caused by a coxsackie virus. In fact, some doctors will refer to the illness as the virus name.

The clinic says symptoms can vary depending on what stage the disease is on, but it usually doesn’t last very long overall (about a week or so usually). In some rarer cases, symptoms can become more severe, so keep an eye on them. Here are seven things to know about this disease, which can be more common in the fall…

1. Fever First

The Mayo Clinic says that the first sign of hand, foot and mouth disease is often a fever, followed by other symptoms such as a sore throat and a loss of appetite or general feeling of not being well.

The clinic notes that the other symptoms will usually show up 1 or 2-days after the fever starts, and that the fever itself generally will last a few days. Of course, a fever can be tied to many other illnesses, so perhaps consult a doctor if symptoms don’t improve.

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