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Connecting to 7 Little-Known Health Risks of Wi-Fi Networks

We can’t seem to live without it these days, and our worst fear seems to be ending up in a place that doesn’t support wireless connections. However, at the same time, it seems any concerns associated with Wi-Fi use have disappeared into thin air.

Several sources cite studies that show home or business wireless routers as well as cell networks themselves can pose a health risk, and some world leaders are trying to raise awareness about these risks. Cell signals fall into the radio-frequency electromagnetic fields category, something the World Health Organization boldly declared a “possible carcinogenic”. Here are seven ways you may be receiving more than just text messages from your wireless device…

1. Wi-fi Shares Same Frequency as a Microwave Oven

An article in Reader’s Digest’s Best Health magazine quotes two experts in the electromagnetic field (no pun intended), and one notes that Wi-Fi networks are on a 2.4 GHz frequency. This frequency is the same as a microwave, and perhaps more concerning, “that is the optimum frequency for vibrating molecules (boiling water).”

While the electromagnetic fields from Wi-Fi are not as intense as a microwave, that means it may just take longer to affect someone with electrosensitivity, explains the article. It may even lead to “genetic damage”, adds the source.

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