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7 Ways to Make Divorce Easier on Kids

Going through a divorce can often be an emotional and confusing time, and unfortunately sometimes children become bargaining chips or pawns against our better judgment. Working out the details of a split can be messy, which means we can take our eye off of how our children are handling the situation.

However, while you and your spouse may have irreconcilable differences, it doesn’t mean your kids have to suffer. In fact, you should be putting special focus on them, as it’s likely just as traumatic for them as it is for you. Here are seven things to keep in mind regarding your children during a marital split…

1. Remind your Child It’s Not Their Fault

Many children, especially if they’re older and understand what’s happening, may automatically think they are the cause of the split. However, it’s important to take to explain they’re not the cause of the turmoil and that they’re loved by you and your (former) spouse.

Parents magazine notes that failing to show love for your child during this time can seriously affect their self-esteem. The act of telling your children they’re loved needs to be done more than once – it should be a regular reassurance, noted the article.

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