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7 Ways to Get Active with Your Kids This Summer

As a parent, it’s your job to encourage your kids to be active. Not only will exercise help them burn off excess energy and sleep well, making fitness a part of your child’s life will encourage healthy habits as they grow older. So why sit on the park bench as a spectator while they have all the fun?

When exercise feels like play, the whole family can have fun together. Here are seven ways to get the whole family moving this summer…


1. Walk Wherever You Can

Instead of climbing into the car to drive for 10-minutes, use your feet to get there. Whether you’re going to drop the kids off at a playdate, get groceries, or borrow a book from the library, if it’s in walking distance, lace up your shoes and go.

A great way to encourage kids to walk is to track their steps with a pedometer or a fitness tracker. Set a weekly step goal and work towards adding more steps every week throughout the summer. You can even track their progress on a chart on the refrigerator to show them how they’ve improved.

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