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7 Ways Art Can Paint a Healthier Picture for You

Art is all around us—but sometimes we don’t stop to appreciate it because of our busy routines. At the same time, sometimes our creative outlets get put on the back burner, because there are always seems to be something of higher priority.

Whether immersing yourself in art or taking part in a creative activity, art can have many health benefits for the young and elderly (not to mention the possibility of creating something you can be proud of). Here are seven art benefits…


1. Art Helps Children Succeed Later in Life

According to RaisesSmartKid.com, participating in creative endeavors helps unlock potential in kids that can be applied when they’re older. It notes that researchers from Michigan State University “found a very strong correlation between childhood engagement in the creative arts and measurable success later in life.”

It goes on to explain that children who are immersed in arts and crafts are more likely of inventing things worthy of patents, or have a solid business start-up idea, or even publishing interesting papers in the field of science and technology. In short, kids who are encouraged to be creative think more outside the box, it adds.

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