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7 Toddler Development Facts you Probably Didn’t Know

Toddlers are (usually) fascinating and fun little humans that bring us joy as well as the usual challenges. However, in our big world we often overlook little details about them, as they seem to change a bit each day.

To be fair, there is no way you can know everything that’s going on with a toddler’s development unless you’re a pediatrician and know what you’re looking for. So for the rest of us, here are seven facts about their mind and body growth that may amaze you…

1. They are Often Nicer to Strangers than to You

While your toddler can be pushing your buttons and generally saying “no” to each of your reasonable requests, apparently they are smart enough not to try this kind of behavior with strangers, such as babysitters.

This behavior doesn’t always leave us in adulthood, according to Psychology Today. While it’s for different reasons (toddlers may act nicer for strangers presumably for safety until trust is established, while adults lose tolerance for personality traits they don’t like) the source has built a list of things for adults to focus on to break this cycle.  

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