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7 Things You Should Know About Roseola

2. Comparing with Measles

Roseola is often confused with measles because both conditions include the emergence of a skin rash that can spread to many parts of the body, particularly in children. However, at their core these two conditions are very different and pose unique threats to the health of a child.

Superficially, a measles-related rash tends to appear reddish-brown, unlike the pinkish rash of the roseola virus. Additionally, while the roseola rash tends to emerge on the abdomen and work its way upwards to the arms and face, the measles rash typically starts on the face and moves down across the body. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the emergence of a rash signals the beginning of roseola’s final stage, when the afflicted will start to feel better, while a measles rash does not indicate the problem is nearing its end.

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