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7 Simple Solutions to Lull your Baby to Sleep

Getting your infant or toddler to fall asleep in the evening is one of the biggest challenges faced by parents (unless you’re one of the lucky ones whose baby loves to sleep). Luckily, many parents have suffered sleepless nights before you, and have learned a thing or two about helping babies sleep to pass along to you.

It may seem counterintuitive to new parents, but if your baby doesn’t get some shuteye during the day, he or she will be less likely to sleep overnight…which means heavy eyelids for you at work the next day. However, here are seven ways you can help your baby become sleepier without calling in the professionals…


1. Let them Nap During the Day

It has been shown that toddlers who nap during the day are actually less irritable, but there’s another big reason you should encourage them to hit the pillow during daylight hours—it will set the stage for better sleep quality when it’s time to hit the crib.

Infants need a lot of sleep, so don’t try to keep them alert and awake if they are drifting off. Let them sleep on their backs in the crib, or float off to slumberland in a carrier or stroller. The Mayo Clinic notes babies aged 4-months to a year usually nap twice a day – these naps can also give you some needed recovery time from feedings and other demands.

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