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7 Healthy Easter Activities to Do with the Little Bunnies

Easter is coming, and while it holds special significance for many, it usually means chocolate to kids. However, there are things you can do leading up to the holiday (and during it) that don’t involve filling their faces with treats.

While a bit of chocolate won’t hurt, there are number of ways to make Easter a little less sugar-coated, while also having fun with the entire family. Here are seven suggestions to make the holiday healthier…

1. Swap the Chocolate for Chalk

SuperkidsNutrition.com says instead of hiding countless chocolate eggs around the house (and forgetting one behind the couch that ends up melting and making a mess or gets eaten by the dog), you can add a bit more color to the hunt.

Replace the chocolate eggs with egg-shaped chalk, and once all of the pieces have been collected, you can host a bunny-drawing contest outside (weather permitting). The site doesn’t suggest this, but we say that perhaps you could also hide one or two treats as a compromise.

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