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7 Facts about Autism to Talk About During Awareness Month

Autism is a wide-spectrum mental disorder that is talked about every day in health circles, but few really know all the facts about it. Research continues to push forward about the possible causes of autism (which can cause some patients to be non-verbal), and some are even challenging whether it’s even something that should be “cured” at all.

April is Autism Awareness Month, and the Autism Society and other related organizations are helping to spread the word about it through events and other efforts. In the spirit of awareness month, here are seven facts that you may not be aware of about autism…

1. Autism Is More Common Among Boys

Boys are four times as likely to have autism than girls, although there doesn’t seem to be a solid explanation as to why. That hasn’t stopped some organization from putting forth theories.

For example, The National Autistic Society (based in the U.K.) notes it simply may be harder to diagnose autism in girls, as girls “may be better at masking their difficulties in order to fit in with their peers” and may have better social skills overall. The speculation is that some girls with autism spectrum disorders never get diagnosed as a result.


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