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6 Ways to Encourage Good Mental Health in Children

Mental health disorders like depression and anxiety are often thought of as adult problems, but unfortunately they affect many children too—although children may be less likely to talk about it or know how to deal with it. The Kids Mental Health portal said not meeting these needs head on could result in children growing up to repeat the same behavior as parents.

That’s why the onus is often on parents and doctors to recognize signs of mental illness in young people, as well as practice behaviors that may help steer them clear of bigger problems down the road. However, mental illness is serious disease that should have intervention from medical professionals if symptoms persist. Here are six ways to stay on top of your child’s mental well being…


1. Open Lines of Communication

A child should feel like they can open up about their thoughts and not have them swept under the rug or minimalised by parents, noted Canadian Living magazine. It’s also important not to judge your child when they share information with you about their well being, added the article.

When your child has someone they trust to talk to about their mental state, they can release negative feelings and also learn important coping strategies, explained the article. Also stay positive so your child doesn’t become afraid of the feeling he or she is experiencing.

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