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6 Ways to Ease Back-to-School Anxiety

This is time of year when the back-to-school commercials start flashing across television screens, driving many parents and students into a mad panic to prepare for the coming curriculum. An article from Psychology Today notes that returning to school can be especially tough on teenage high school students, and that seeking professional advice can be an option.

There are many factors that can cause anxiety about school, whether it’s moving to a new city and getting oriented, or trying to fit in with the other students and make friends. Whether you’re parent trying to get their child ready for the next grade, or a student heading off to university or college, here are six things to keep in mind when summer’s over and it’s time to hit the books…


1. Find the Source of the Anxiety

According to research from the Mayo Clinic, kids starting at a new school may be particularly worried about attending class. If these fears start to affect their regular routine then it may be time to intervene—or seek the advice of a doctor.

The clinic suggests finding out what your child’s major concerns are—whether stress is originating over making friends or trying to find their new locker—and using exposure therapy to calm them. Exposure therapy is the act of doing something repeatedly until it no longer causes debilitating fear.

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