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Ways to Brighten the Holidays for Hospital-Bound Kids

Unfortunately, you can’t time if and when kids will get ill – and occasionally, the illness can be serious enough to land them in hospital for a night, or longer. Also, sickness doesn’t care if it’s Christmas.

Whatever reason a little one ends up in medical care when they should just be looking forward to their visit from Santa, here are six ways to make kids (including your own) feel the holiday cheer… even in a hospital room. (Some of these suggestions can also be used if you’re trying to cheer up an adult in hospital.)

1. Decorate Their Room

Hospital rooms aren’t going to be featured in any decor magazines any time soon. They’re pretty drab, to say the least. However, with the permission of hospital staff, you can bring some holiday cheer to a kid who can’t get out to see Christmas lights.

The solution? Brings the lights to them! The Huffington Post suggests stringing up colorful lights around their room and in the window, and even bringing in a mini-Christmas tree with LED lights around it. If natural plants aren’t allowed because of allergies or other reasons, buy a faux tree, adds the source.

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